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Suppliers of Roseware One Piece and Two Piece bathroom showers in NZ.

Twenty nine different models
Seamless - For new construction
Two Piece - For renovations
High Gloss - Chemical resistant
Hygenic - Easy to clean
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Soap Recesses - Designed for easy access
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Easy Installation - Place on floor and fix
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Colours - Full range

Insurance and Leaking Showers

We are aware there has been a major problem with other brands of showers leaking in bathrooms a few years after installation. Insurance companies will no longer pay for gradual leaks which means You pay! It has come to our attention some assessors are now starting to stipulate a genuine Roseware shower to replace leaking shower claims.

Our research has shown there are a number of builders & architects that are unaware of the difference of our product from tray & linings.

SEAMLESS showers mean NO LEAKS

Roseware Industries Ltd has been manufacturing FRP (Fibreglass) cubicles since 1986 & has a reputation of building a quality shower.

Our product range includes Seamless One Piece showers used predominantly for New homes which have no joints & are completely leak proof.

jointThe Roseware Two piece Range of cubicles with a joint 450mm high from the floor with a bolted, clamped & acetic silicon sealed flange which also eliminates any leaking & the joint is high enough to stop any capillary action. The picture below shows how this system is designed. These Two piece showers are perfect for shower replacements & renovations.

The shower floors are 5-6 mm thick with a moulded urethane pad to fit flat on the floor so the shower floor has very little chance of flexing.

Shower Supplies have a full range of Roseware shower cubicles. If you are interested in further information on our product please contact us on 0800 99 66 00 or email

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